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    Hey guys!! Welcome back to my blog. This post is showing you how i style my twists in nine different ways, although there are loads of styles you can do. 
Hope you take your time to watch and enjoy the video on my YouTube page.
There are many hairstyles you can do for twists or braids just to spice things up but these ones are just the simpler ones. 

[youtube] To people who wanna know how I care for the hair, here's what i do:
- at bedtime, i pack my hair up in a bun and tie a big scarf around it. You should do this to reduce overnight fizz.
- i trim off any fizziness everyday with a pair of scissors or just make it easy by lightly burning them off with a lighter.
- i dab on it with a hot water and towel to keep it looking new and shiny.
- to protect my edges, I just make sure that when i pack the hair in a bun. I don't pull on the edges to tight.
- don't forget to spray with your conditioning spray and hair cream to get rid of dandruffs and to reduce itching.

   So yeah those are the things that i do and if you have further questions, comment below or get at me on my social networking sites.
I'm always up for chat and you can get at me on;
insta/snapchat/twitter: @abbienaija.

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  1. What are you using to wrap around them to put in a band?

  2. I cut out unused tights cos they are stretchy. You could also use big elastic bands



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