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   Hello wonderful's been a long time i have blogged or even made any YouTube videos. This is because I've had a lot on my plate and I'm just trying to manage the little time i get weekly. Anyway, now, I've decided to squeeze time to update my blog because I've had a lot of people asking about my blog and how they have been waiting on update...well GOOD NEWS BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!! I'm baacckkk!!!!

  Now to the matter of today. I'm gonna be showing you how to revamp your old weaves or wigs. Most people, once their weaves get old or dry, they just throw them away when they could just revamp them. Please note that this procedure is specifically for human hair types...i will be doing one on synthetic or mix hair. Please read on to see the very easy steps.

- a wide tooth comb
- a wide bowl
- Luke warm water
- conditioner
- pair of scissors if you trimming is required.
- towel

  • Firstly, fill the bowl with the luke warm water.
  • Place the weft into the water and add conditioner. Work your fingers through the hair to get rid of tangles. What the conditioner does is to texturise the hair and make it easy to comb through.
  • With the wide tooth comb, start to comb the hair from the tip and then work your way to the top. Get rid of any shreds and trim with your scissors if required.When done, lay the wefts on a towel and leave to air dry. Don't use a hand dryer to prevent frizz or damage.

  • As a bonus, you can decide to the leave the hair like that or use a leave-in conditioner. I use the Blue Magic leave-in moisturizer to keep it moist and I also use my cantu coconut curling cream to keep the curls alive.

  You can also be doing this weekly or once in two weeks. This will keep the curls in place and keep them moisturised for longer. All you need to use is warm water and conditioner and you are good to go!
  I hope these steps were helpful and if you have any tips on how maintain your curly weaves or wigs, please don kindly leave a comment below. Thank you very much for reading...i'll be seeing on my next post. Also, don't forget to drop your email in the 'subscribe' section for updates on my blog posts. Bless you xoxo. 

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