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Triple Denim Style

Hi lovely readers! welcome back to another beautiful episode(?) on 'abbienaija'. As you can see from the title, today is all about styling triple denim. Someone told me one day that wearing same pattern up and down is 'awful and a faux pas'....LOL whuuttttt ggiirrlll??!! How frigging wrong can you be? First off, yeah we all know plain and pattern is the sorta acceptable trend but these days, pattern on pattern slayssss if you style it right. Same goes o denim...if you know your way around it, trust me- it's not rocket science. It also doesn't ,matter what colour it is as long as it's denim BUT..please no colour riots oo...not blue denim on green jeans with purple jean jacket...THAT, i will call a fashion faux pas.  

  if you know very well, you'll know that i pretty much love denim and would wear it anytime of my lifetime. Why i hear you ask? Because it is easy and convenient to style and you don't have to spent the whole thinking of what to wear or how to wear it. 

  That's it for today peeps..thank you for reading and I'll be seeing you in my next post. Please don't forget to drop your emails on the 'get updated' section and leave your comments in the comment box below.                                                                                                        Shirt and trousers : Primark                                                                                                       Purse: TK maxx                                                                                                                        Shoes: Justfab                                                                                                                             Jacket: New look                                                                                                                       wig: by me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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