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MOTIVATE: It's Just Not Your Time....yet

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   A lot of us haven't gained the clarity on what we want, who we want or what we wanna do. It might be that 2 years ago, you told yourself that by this month, you want to have established your own law firm or your own business but that dream hasn't come true yet.. Sometimes it feels like all the doors are slammed shut in every aspect of your life, you see your peers flourishing and being who/what they aspired to be but there you are,still chasing your dreams. When these feelings start, you begin to see yourself as a failure, as a laughing stock, like your life is worthless. You see yourself as lesser than these successful people you see. You become depressed, sad, frustrated and even trapped like there is no road.
   Darling, when things are not in place, you need to give yourself a plan; think, create, bring up ideas, those people that you think are doing better than you, emulate them, talk to them, ask for their ideas and advice. Don't just sit there and mope,we all have different approaches in life.
   Some people go to school together but whilst their mates are in university and graduating,they haven't started or finished. You need to know that someone graduating before you doesn't mean that their success is guaranteed before you. Your 25 year old friend is married with two kids and you're 30 and still looking for a boyfriend. Don't be sad, it's not late for you...we just have different timings. Your mates are driving the latest cars and you're not doesn't mean that you may not even get the most latest cars after that before them. Remember that people using the iPhone 4 were making fun of blackberry users. Now there is an iPhone 7 and no one even remembers that there was something called iPhone 4.
    Let's take the simplest thing like blogging for example; a lot of people want to go into blogging, some are even already into it, but not quite where they wanna be yet. They want to wear the best clothes, take the best pictures, start making money off it, share their tips and ideas and even be "instafamous". But still, they are not taking the right approach. You need to give it time, heck, it's not gonna be easy, you just need to enjoy it. Hey i was discouraged from blogging a LOT of times, I used to feel like I was no good and people didn't enjoy my dull and boring pictures. I admired a lot of bloggers and actually thought that i would never be like them but because blogging had always been what i wanted to do for a very long time and i enjoy sharing and writing (even the most irrelevant stuffs), I didn't give up. I became patient and took things slow. I just decided to do things I enjoyed doing and sharing them.
    Back to the main topic at hand, when you feel sad, frustrated and angry because things are not the way you want them to be, despite all the clarity that you've given yourself that you know where you wanna be, be patient. Patience is key...people say patience kills but does it really? It is an opportunity to think deeper and reflect and get a good revelation. I know that being patient is difficult but you need to trust the process and enjoy the ride. Good things come to those who believe, trust and have patience.
    My point is that God has designed our lives differently,the fingers are not equal,there's no need to rush what will be yours, (QUE SERA, SERA) It may not be rosy for you right now but God's timing is the best and when that intervention comes into your life, it feels like a supernova that comes with a loud BANG! If you place your trust in the Almighty, you will never reap vanity.

   Now, ask yourself what is that thing you're after, what is that thing you need to experience or even learn? Where is that position that you can clearly see yourself in but are not there yet? What exactly do you intend to do about it to trust the process? ASK YOURSELF. 



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