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Rihanna Inspired: Jean Over Shirt

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  Hi there beautiful readers! welcome back to my blog and i hope you enjoy today's post. Before you proceed, have you subscribed via email to my blog so that you can get updated on latest post? No? why not? Go that now😁 Thank you as you do so.
  Okay so my close friends know that i'm a massive fan of Rihanna and i like to call her my sister from another world LOOL. I just love how she is not afraid to express her style and whatever she wears, she just totally kills it!!!! Like can a human be so perrffeeccttt?!?! 😱😱😱
I found this picture of her wearing a short denim skirt over a long shirt and I thought, 'oohhh idea for an outfit'..this..that...and BALABING! A classy chic outfit is born!

  To be frank, i'm not really the type that wears lots of skirts or even own them for that matter, so when i mentally put outfits together,i just end up wearing pants/trousers with a top/blouse. I just thought why not be spontaneous? Why not try something new and kill it?! I must say that this is one of the best outfits that i've ever put together or worn and i got a lot of compliments from it. Especially the colour code: blue has always been my favourite colour and whenever i wear blue, i just feel happy and different in a special type of way.

We will like to know what your favourite staple of the month is and which celebrity/blogger you mostly get your inspirations from. 

   Read on to shop the full outfit and drop your comments on this outfit. Thank you so much for reading and i hope you'll be back for more. Also, don't forget to subscribe via email or follow via google by clicking the follow button. 


A. B. I. M. B. O. L. A. 

Shirt: Primark
Skirt: New look
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