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 Hello beautiful people! How's everyone doing today?  Welcome back to my channel and i hope y'all are ready for today's post πŸ˜‰ (Hehe not like it's a biggie like that...) nahh actually, it is😬.

  It's 2017 and the fashion community keeps booming and changing; becoming more artistic and trendy. Lately, my latest style rends of the year are velvet and embroidery. Although i had always loved velvet since I was little, i never was really big on flowers and colourful designs. I like to see myself as minimalist. As a little girl, I had a number of velvet clothing and then it was referred to as 'apoche' in my country. Some people though it was for people that know nothing about fashion. Not like i actually cared- i was just a little girl who would look a her mom and sisters and wanted to be fashionable and stylish just like them.

  When i saw this blouse, i was immediately in love...i normally wouldn't bat a second gaze at anything with colour or flowers and all but the simple design. the fabric and the style made me have a change of heart. This is the same as the bag; beautifully embroidered with a minimalist touch. I just love everything about it,plus it's super affordable.

  Speaking of shoe crush, my all time fave are these grey velvet booties. Bwooyyy i love them!!!! I have quite a number of boots/booties but these i love the most. Looking at them, you'd think they'd be crazy heavy and uncomfortable but that's not even true. The insides are so soft and you'd love the feels to your toes. The only thing is, just like very other heeled shoes/boots, having them on for too long or walking in them for too long could cause a pain to the ankles or even back pain.

 So what are your favourite trends of 2016/2017? Do let us know in the comment section below and don't forget to follow and drop your emails to get updated on the latest blog posts.
  Thank you for reading beauts and hope to catch you on the next post. XOXO

         A. B. I. M. B. O. L. A.  

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