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Women Empower Women ft ShewaJay


   Hey guys! How's everyone doing? and welcome to a new week. For today's post, I'm doing a post featuring one of my close friends, @shewa_jay of This post is gonna be about how women all over the world especially black women should empower one another instead of bringing each other down. First of all, the reason why I'm doing this post with Shewa is that she's sincerely one of those people that actually inspired and taught me not to give up (she doesn't know this BTW).
  In this day and age where people share everything through social media and it is a platform to inspire and be inspired, women play a key role in empowering one another but sadly, that's not so. Instead, you'll see girls bad-mouthing other girls just because they can't be like them. I remember seeing a post of a certain girl's picture in an expensive looking house and expensive clothing only for other ladies to start saying this like "ehn it's her sugar daddy's house..she's into can a girl her age have all that?". I almost started judging the girl too but I paused and thought, "maybe she's from a wealthy home..maybe she has her own business". Unsurprisingly, I decided to go to her page and found out that she has a business of her own and a family. The power of the tongue should not be underestimated. One false rumour can cause a lot of hate towards someone, including those that don't even know this person personally. So what if she's into runz? At least she's making money from it and she's established a life and a business for herself. What have you done with yourself? Why not find something inspirational and use that influence to grow yourself?

  Let's take something like blogging for example. We all know that there' a lot of people in this blogging business and with this, we have built a community for one another. So, as a blogger, designer, or someone with a creative mind, we need to see this as a safe space to communicate and not compete. A lot of girls are just so focused on bringing the next girl down because that girl is doing better than them but we should know that to move up in life, you have to support and be positive towards those above us on the ladder. With this, they can give us a helping hand and bring us up along with them. Envy, hate, backstabbing, etc are not healthy ways to make yourself look good. Some would even go as far as spreading false rumours about someone, pretend to like them, start looking for ways to make them look bad. I've had a certain 'friend' indirectly ask me if I buy followers, likes and even borrow clothes. It's absurd! What if I did? Is that gonna make you less of a person?

  We need to realise that it is up to us as women to help one another. Genuine support doesn't cost a thing. If your friend is doing great, show some love to them, if they are still struggling, help them up..your sincere love and support can go a very long way. Isn't it funny how there are people who would go any length to support people that don't even know them? (e.g., celebrities) but when their friends start something like a business or have a particular talent that they showcase, they get zero support. Even if you have no money to buy their stuff, help them share and broadcast, you never know who is gonna see it. Your friends can make it through the support that you give. Remember, if people around you are succeeding, you will also feel the impact on yourself.
   Do away with negativity... "well if she makes it, will she even remember I exist? why should I even bother helping her?'. You try first and if the person doesn't show any gratitude, then you know you've done your part and let their conscience judge them.
  It costs nothing to give someone advice on what to do and how to do it. Some are so selfish that even if you ask them where they got particular clothing from, they'd ignore you. Life is not that deep. I mean, what's the point of fame and popularity if you cannot use it to impact others and help those looking up to you? I get a lot of DMs from people about how to do stuff and sometimes, I might get too lazy to reply but I'll make sure I reply at some point and give them the answer that they want.

  I have come across a lot of women that have sincerely inspired me in one way or the other and I really admire them; some I have met and some I have never seen. Their influence is the reason why I'm growing and hoping to grow even further. Famous or not, they have made impacts andI'm glad that I came across them. I'm gonna be listing them below and please make sure you check them out:

  1. My mother of course....strongest woman I know
  2. Late MaathaiWangari, an activist and Nobel laureate. 
  3. Rihanna - yes! She's a hard worker
  4. Lilly Singh- @iisuperwomanii
  5. Deola Sagoe- @deola_by_deolasagoe
  6. Toluwalade Kehinde- @muuchinto
  7. Claire Idera- @claireidera
  8. Agatha of @ironyofashi
  9. Andrea Iyamah of @andreaiyamah
  10. Og Okonkwo of @styletemple
  11. Lize Okoh of @sewafolie
  12. Gbemi Okunlola of @alonuko
    I just want to say that a lot of people have inspired me so much in many different ways and the above mentioned are those that I remember and admire the most. Finally, please remember that it's not up to the men to help us boost our esteem but to use fellow women to help us love ourselves and one another. I hope I have been able to pass a valuable message across and if you any suggestions, please drop a comment below. Thanks once again for reading & I hope to see you in my next post.




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  1. Aww thank you so much darling!!! You inspire me with every shot you share!! This is a well needed post and you two look like dolls ������



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