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   This post was actually meant to be a video but after hours of editing, I saved it and it automatically just got messed up.
With the original clips deleted, I had no other choice but to just resort to a normal blog post and I hope that you guys love it and find it useful.
   So i'm gonna be taking you through how to make a custom statement top or tshirt for really cheap. The pro to this is that you get to have whatever you want on your shirt and you get to test your DIY skills LOL. For this tutorial, what you're going to need are:
  • a cheap/old shirt or top. I got mine at Primark for £1.50
  • an acrylic or fabric paint. PLEASE DON'T USE WATER COLOUR OR NORMAL PAINT.
  • letter stencil or stickers. I used the letter stickers from the pound store.
  • a paint brush or foam, depending on how big your letters are
  • a magazine, book or cardboard to place under the shirt when you're about to paint.
  • a little bowl or dish to put the paint in.
  • a pen or fabric pen to trace out the letters.

  • Place the cloth or a flat surface and start sticking the letter stickers on the top. You should obviously know the statement you want to use.

  • Start to use the fabric pen to trace out the letters in order to get a picture of where to paint into.

  •   After tracing out the letters, start to remove the stick-on letters and place them back where they belong. You can re-use them. You're removing the letters because you're creating a space for the paint to go into.

  • Before you start painting, place a book or magazine underneath the top of the shirt to prevent paint from running through to the back of the shirt. Now, with the paint brush, carefully start working the paint into the letter spaces. Please be careful when doing this and handling the paint as you do not want other parts of the cloth to be paint and the acrylic paint is tough to remove. 

  • Go over the letters and much as possible to give a deeper colour and be careful not to run over the letters as that is going to make it look messy.

  • When you're done painting, leave the cloth for about fifteen to air dry. Acrylic paint dry really fast. Check carefully that the paint is fully dry before you wear it.

   So, as you can see, this process is really simple and easy and it doesn't cost much. I hope you found this post helpful once again and please if you would like to see any more DIYs, please let me know in the comment section below and you can also give suggestions on the types of posts you want to be seeing on this page. Thanks again for checking in.


  1. I could do this uhmm.. ll let you know when I do. Really cool though.



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