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How to stay on top of your game

     I like to see myself as a person who doesn't give up so easily and likes to try out every new thing possible. I am easily motivated and this just leads me to keep striving and pushing but to keep myself going, there are certain exercises that I like to practice to make sure that I stay as sane as possible. 

 First thing you need to do is understand the importance of sanity and why you deserve a break. Someone says to me, 'there's no break until you've made it'. Yes of course, you have to keep striving but giving yourself a breather will give you that peace of mind to reap all of your efforts. We all have dreams and ambitions and to be able to accomplish those goals, motivation and persistence are required. Hey! It's not going to be easy but when the path to success gets narrower and tougher, a lot of people begin to give up. The initial determination and enthusiasm begin to wither slowly and some find it difficult to re-motivate themselves again to pursue their goals with vigor. This used to be case with me where I get a quick light bulb and get super exited to get started. When some of those things don't go the way I imagined, I start to feel blue. 

  Now. if you find yourself in that spinning circle whereby you cannot keep going or you feel like you need a break, I can take you through a few pointers that have helped me.

  • the first thing you need to do is to develop a positive mind frame. Optimism is very important to help get by in life. When you begin to see yourself and your situation in a positive light, every other thing will be easy. You will then be able to stay committed to how badly you want to achieve your goal. As a matter of fact, start seeing yourself as someone who has already made it.
  • build a plan for yourself. If you have a day job and still have to update your blog/website, reply emails and attend to clients, you need to make sure you have a daily timetable for yourself. Give yourself time to eat, shower, nap, work, and sleep. If you can break down your daily duties, you'll find it easy to do everything you want to do because your brain automatically adjusts to that order and it will be trained to deal and adapt to the situation. 
  • Take a break darling. You need a day or two off and when I say 'a day off', I mean a day when you just wake, pray, eat, sleep and just breaatthheeee. That way, you get to reflect on your self and relax your mind. All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl.
  • Make sure you get at least 6-7 hours of sleep daily. Please allow blood and oxygen to flow through your body lol.
  • Take one step at a time. Don't rush yourself...everything will fall into place. 
  • Go out...go on a date, cinemas, ladies day/night out. Just have a laugh and smile.
  • Read a lot of motivational books
  • Remember to always ask for help when you need it.  

  I hope I have been able to get a message or two across to you who has been struggling to stay positive and remain on top of their game. I understand the struggles behind juggling different things at the same time. Just drink water and raise your legs. Just don't give up! Please leave comments below if you have any other points you might want to give. 

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  1. You've said the truth!!!! This post is very relatable!!! Great work girll!! ����������������

  2. Lovely tips, thanks for sharing!

  3. Who's the photographer? I'm trying to go into blogging !! And I would want my images to have a similar vibe to you �������� Your outfits are amazing Also amazing tips ������



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