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  How are you lovely people doing today? A lot of things have been going on with me lately, so i can say, some are personal but I've decided to let you guys in on some of the things i'm currently doing, loving and anticipating, etc. So without rambling on, let's get straight into it...I'm currently....

Appreciating: The wonders of God in my life; ability to live, breathe, sleep, eat, drink without any problems. Grateful! I also appreciate the beautiful and lovely people that I'm surrounded by; my family and my ever fashionable friends who are always there to support and cheer! You guys rock !!

Wearing: I am currently loving the feels of wearing florals and prints with pop colours. I used to dislike bright colours but now, I couldn't love them more! It's been so good to pair prints with colours and stripes with plains especially in this summer season. Also, i,m loving denim skirts..especially this asymmetrical frayed hem one. Could rock it with any kind of top or blouse and it sneakers or heels. 

Loving: I am sooo in love with my new pair of  sandals from Zaful (scroll down to shop). Apart from the beautiful pastel colour and suede material, it is literally one of the very few comfortable sandals I own (blame it on long toes >.>) And you can wear them as slippers too!Now tell me what's not to love????
  I am also loving the L'oreal Paris Infallible fix's really cheap and it's like the 'holy grail' fix spray for me right now. It literally keeps my makeup on for the whole day without making my face look oily. Go get yours at Superdrug or Boots.

Wishing: It could be summer all year round and the weather would stay warm and everywhere would stay bright and happy. And wishing I get all the things I've always wanted to have. What do you wish for right now?

Craving: Toast and Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream! Oh and i'm also craving these cute punk hair cuts...should i cut my hair?

Determined: to force myself to be getting up earlier than usual and actually go for a run in the mornings or evening. If i had a penny for every time I've mentally gone for a run, i'd be living in a golden castle LOL.

Excited to: start drafting and designing some beautiful inspirations I got from Pinterest, instagram and bathroom thoughts LOL. I really cannot wait to show you guys my beautiful new collections. PLEASE FOLLOW MY FASHION PAGE- @OGELONDON on instagram.

Anticipating: The upcoming London fashion week next month. I just love the carefree fashion vibe that Londoners give. I'm so buzzed at getting the best inspirations and seeing beautiful exhibits and showcases.

Inspired by: I'm currently inspired by the beautiful young boss ladies that are genuinely working hard and getting it in the fields of work. You go girls!! We gonna make it!

Carrying: this beautiful woven bag from rosegal. I just love the handles, making it look both casual and occasional. It looks like something you can carry when going to the market or shops or even a picnic and something you'd take with you on a day out.  SCROLL DOWN TO SHOP.

Watching: Iron fist....a Marvel tv programme. So it's about this guys that was supposedly dead but is actually alive and is back to get what belongs to him. I normally don't fancy action movies but this one is irresistible to watch! You can watch it on Netflix. 

  So that pretty much sums up what's currently happening with me & I'll be sharing more every month to be updating you guys. Please subscribe to my page via email or follow me on Google+ and Bloglovin for blog post updates. Thank you for reading..and I'll see y'all later!




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