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Have you heard about Flawless Shades?

 If you haven't heard, Flawless Shades is a new online makeup store that stock products from eyeshadow to foundation. The beauty of this store is that they stock up mostly black shades, from black-owned beauty companies which is great because it's quite difficult for girls with darker skin tones to find their foundation shades. Before we go on, here's a link to the website- CLICK THIS and you can shop their products with code 'ABBIE10' for 10% off your first orders over £20.

    So, I have tried out some of the products that got sent to me and I'll be reviewing them to you guys. OH did I mention that they are really affordable too?I'll be adding shopping links at the end for you guys to shop their items. Let's go through the products now, shall we?

  • Doris Michaels Creme Foundation Stick (ST-3): Firstly, kudos to whoever picked this out for getting my shade right without testing it out on my skin. This foundation is sort of oil based and it's so smooth when applied with a beauty sponge. The fact that it is creamy makes it perfect for people with dry skin and it's also good to use during the winter season. However, because I have a normal/oily skin, it makes my face look very oily after a while and even using a setting powder doesn't do the trick. So, my final thought to this foundation is that, although it gives a smooth and silky result, it's made for people with dry skin and it's not ideal for a hot day.


  • Colourblend foundation primer: I've used a lot of primers in my time; from matte to semi-matte, photo finish, etc. And although I normally use matte primers, I actually think that this one is not that bad at all. I love how it goes from oily to the dry after application and it leaves a smooth base for when you apply your foundation. I've only used this twice and so far, so good.



  • OPV Cream base contour kit: like the name suggests, it is cream base and that's a bit of a downer for me although it has a lot of nice shades from the lightest to the darkest. I honestly don't really like effect on my skin at all.



  • Enrique beauty glitter eyeshadow pigment: this one has to be one of my absolute favourites. It is very well pigmented and it just settles on the eyelids so well.The best thing is that you don't necessarily need a glue to make it stay on your lids.



  • Akoma Cleansing face mask powder: I love my skin so much and I love giving it the best pamper it deserves. When I opened the package and found this face mask, I was super excited! This is a mud mask that has a very sweet chocolatey scent *love struck*. I've used this once and I love how soft and smooth it made my face...I am so not changing this anytime soon.



  • Marena Beaute pressed setting powder: what I love about this powder is that it is pressed and I can just carry it around in my bag and dab it on every once in a while when myface get dewy. Unlike the loose setting powders, it is much convenient tothrow in your bag without worrying about it spilling inside your bag.Unfortunately, this powder is darker than my skin soI've not really been able to wear it. But its something that I would definitely spend my money on.


  • Labelle makeup matte lip cream: If you know me, you'llknow that I love my matte lippies any day, anytime. This beauty is really giving my lips that plump, velvety effect that I like and it doesn't rub off easily, neither does is it hard to remove. Another great thing about this lippie is that unlike most matte lippies out there (yes even the expensive ones), it doesn't chap up and one layer is enough to get plump and bold lips. I'd happily splash my coins on these.

 I think that Flawless Shades is an online store that is worth checking out and you'll love many of their items. The fact that they sell black-owned beauty products makes them exceptional. Thanks for reading and I hope you've clicked the shop link. If you also wanna shop the items, scroll down and click on the images.


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