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Happy new year to you my lovely readers! Thank you so much for all of your support throughout the past have all been amazing!I just cannot thank you enough for the amount of love I received last year on my blog, Instagram, my business and even my youtube. I officially restarted my blog last year and the amount of growth I gained has been wonderful; the opportunities I've had with some big companies like Nike, Daniel Wellington, Marc Jacobs, etc and being a VIP  brand ambassador for a luxurious magazine company. I also commend myself for the consistency I've gained but in this new year, I'm hoping to gain more and be better and work with even bigger brands and sit with people that inspire me.

2017 has been a rough but amazing year, there have been so many hurdles along the way, times when I've wanted to give up hope, times when I've broken down and cried for hours.There are even times when I became so weak mentally, physically, and even spiritually. But all in all, I'm happy that 2017 treated me the way it did, it's made me realise that nothing is permanent, it also made me realise that this life is unfair bet we gotta live. Another good thing I learned is to be myself and accept who I am...I've learned to love myself regardless of what anybody says or thinks about me. is 01/01/18. A new dawn, a new day, a new year, a new beginning; the beginning of good things, better self, bigger confidence, greater determination, bigger goals and much more blessings. I'm planning to introduce newer chapters in my life and in my blog and I've learned that whatever is not good for me has to go.
Here's to a better year and bigger opportunities and much more love and blessings! If you haven't joined the girl squad, remember there's an email box on the sidebar for you to drop your email address for new posts updates. You have been amazing...CHEERS!🥂




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