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How to create a media kit

A number of people have been asking me how to bag collaborations with brands and how to make money from blogging but once I mention 'media kit', they're like "what's that?". So, today, I will be sharing with you what a media kit is, why you need one and how to create it. I'll add my media kit as an example and will attach a downloadable template for you guys to add your own info.

In blogging terms, a media kit is a form of document or CV that outlines facts about you and your blog/brand. It also shows your statistics and testimonials, services, etc. It allows PRs and brands know about your blog; what your main niche is and how many followers or readers or viewers you have. You can also add your past collaborations and pricing to your media kit so that brands can have an idea of what you do and your capabilities. It's also good because it shows professionalism.

Like aforementioned, it shows how professional you are and it shows potential advisers and collaborators why they should work with you. If you're applying for an office job, you'd present a CV right? So, this is your own CV as a blogger. Why not save whoever is reading your email the stress of having to rummage through your social channels to get an idea of who you are?


  •  Your media kit should contain your bio- introduce yourself and your blog. Brands want to know about whoever is reaching out to them. Your details may include the type of blogger you are, what you blog about, how long you've been blogging for, etc.

  • Add graphics and images to your kit. It makes it look a lot more interesting. Use bold texts and colours, add your logo is you have one. I would really recommend that you have a head shot of yourself on the media kit as well. Photos or logos of your past collaborations will also be ideal but if you haven't had any collaborations, you can use some of your favourite or highly engaged photos.

  • Your statistics are important in your media kit. Some say that the stats are not everything...true. But they can give an insight of your reach and the size of your audience. In your stats, you can include your social media followers count, blog views, monthly views/visitors, YouTube views and subscribers for YouTubers, demographics,etc. Remember though, if you have a social account with low numbers, yeaaaa...don't add it.

  • Include your past collaborations. List out the names of brands and companies that you have worked with in the past. If you have written testimonials from brands too, include them in your kit. If you've hosted talk shows, been a guest speaker, official influencer at an event, etc., add them to your kit as well.

You can create your media kit by using applications like Canva and Adobe Spark. There are several templates on these apps that you can easily edit and redesign. However, if you would like to use one of my easy templates, click the link below to download i and make it yours. Blogger Media Kit by Abimbola Zaenab

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