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Would You Work With Brands for Free?

In the past few years, the blogging industry has changed in so many ways; there are more people getting into blogging, and bloggers are now getting more recognized. Brands and companies are now eager to work with bloggers/influencers to promote their products and services. The honest truth is that there are some brands with high budgets, some low and some brands don't even have budgets at all...these are the brands that work with influencers mostly on a gifting basis.
Now to the topic that causes quite a stir among bloggers especially new bloggers. "Should I work with this brand for free?"...Personally, I will not be a hypocrite and go off screaming 'NEVER WORK FOR FREE!' because I'm also guilty of doing gifting collaborations with brands. Now, doing a free collaboration depends on the individual and the demands of the company. There are some PRs that will contact you with the most ridiculous briefs and you'd just wanna throw a finger at them through your screenšŸ¤£ while there are some that produce good quality products and don't ask for too much. Those are the brands I'd do a free collab with because they are good brands that don't take the piss and don't expect too much from. Listen.. the cost of living in an expensive city like London is very high; bills, daily expenses like food and travel, rent, etc and that hasn't included miscellaneous like getting cosmetics and clothes, etc. When I get contacted by a brand that's not demanding heaven and earth over a pair of jeans and sweatshirt, I'd gladly work with them because that is a load off my expenses in one way. Moreover, I've worked with companies that offer gifts worth hundreds of pounds. Just knowing that you've got something that you love but you know would break the bank when you actually spend your own money on it can be quite a relief.

On the other hand, if we take things like photoshoot and travel into consideration, it's sort of a slap on the face when you're asked to make a post without any form of payment in place. And there are companies that pay certain influencers lots of money to work with them but expect other influencers with less number of followers to work with them for free (I won't name names or point fingers) That! is also a massive middle finger to the face. So, it really depends on you if you think that you wanna choose which brand to work with for free or if you absolutely do not wanna do a free job at all.

With all that's been written, I'll say that it is important for an influencer to know their worth. Ask the PR if they have a set budget and if they do not, make the wise decision to either go for it or leave it, depending on demands and benefits. Remember some brands will take the absolute piss and even go as far lying that they're a start-up, some will ask for about four social media posts and there are some that will drop you immediately after you've created content for them. For new bloggers that are just getting into the collaboration and sponsorship bit, I'll say ask if they're willing to pay. If not, see if the collab is worth it and do it. 1, don't say because you're new into it then you should accept any BS that comes your way; and 2, remember if you work with the right brands, you're also building experience and gaining more recognition because when other people/companies visit your page, they see that you're working with other companies and they'll be willing to work with you too. I've had a brand offer me over £100 when I was still below 8k followers.

That's my 2 pence for now...if you have any other thing you'd like to add, please comment below and let us know if you'd absolutely never work for free or you'd still consider certain companies. Remeber to follow my blog for blog post updates and also subscribe via email so you don't miss out on the latest.

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