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Brands taking the piss in 2018

As an influencer and a blogger, I get to work/collab with a good number of brands and I've had mixed experiences with the different brands. If you're also an influencer, you'll be able to relate with these different kinds of brands/PRs I'm going to be talking about. Now bear in mind that I won't be pointing fingers but hey..if the cap fits.

  • The first kind that I'll be talking about is those really trustworthy brands that say and do exactly what they promise. They won't lie or deceive you and make you do a lot for peanuts. They have a good budget; the ones that don't will be so polite and won't take the piss.

  • There are those brands that lie about being start-ups so they can't provide budgets. What these kinds of brands do is copy and paste one email format and send it to a truckload of influencers, promising the same thing to each one of them. They'll even tell you that it'll be a continuous collaboration because they can't pay but after you've spent your time, energy and money on content creation, send them the link, they just ghost and stop replying you. Watch out for those crazy ones haha.

  • If you're reading this and you're an influencer of colour who works with lots of these fashion brands, I believe you'd understand where I'm coming from with this post. Now, I'm not going to mention any brands in particular, but I've worked with a number of brands that have one particular pattern or wave on their IG pages or even website. I'm not going to sugar-coat things but I've noticed many of these clothing companies do not even repost contents that have been created by their black/Asian influencers. It took me a while to write this post because I wanted to understand the pattern & I've made a comparison with some caucasian influencers that worked with the same brand as I did...what I noticed is that they mostly get comments and get reposted on the brand's IG page. Sometimes I think that my contents ain't good enough but the honest truth is that they are. Hey PR person, if you do this, FIX UP! :)

  • Now brace yourselves for the 'we'll give exposure' brands! Okay, these are the ones that absolutely grind my gears! Darling, I will give you the exposures with your 400k followers, 200 likes and 2 comments. If only exposure paid my photographer and transport fare. I honestly stop reading at 'exp..'. SAYONARA!

  • The 'we only pay specific bloggers' brands. Ummmm.. 'scuze you, shit don't work that way. I personally find that very insulting & a massive slap on the face. 'Oh we only pay bloggers with 500k followers' *rolls eyes*...75% of them are probably bots but it's cool...spend all your money on an empty audience. Like why did you contact me in the first place if you're just gonna rub my face in the mud?

  • The final ones are those brands that send you one product in exchange for 3 insta posts on specific dates, 4 IG stories, link in bio and swipe up without pay. EL OH EL! Darling you don't get to stress my life over a £10 shirt..keep walking.

So that's all the ones I could think of but if you have any other points to add, let's keep the ball rolling. Oh, we can even b*tch about them over overpriced coffee LOL.

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