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Up-Styling The Shirt Dress

One of the pieces you'd find in a girl's wardrobe is a shirt dress or the boyfriend's shirt. But sometimes, you can get confused about how to style it, especially on a day when you wanna look cute but not look like you've put too much effort.

I'm gonna be showing you guys how to switch it up and own that long, boring shirt. When I was going to style this shirt, I wasn't entirely sure of the best way to go about it; it just looked basis so I decided first, to rearrange the buttons, leave 2-3 upper buttons open, add a long/statement necklace to give it a bit of sass! It's optional, but you can wear shorts underneath..just for a bit more comfort especially on a windy day. Find a footwear that you find comfortable; it could be a pair of trainers, boots or even heels- depending on the occasion. I was going for a casual-day-out look so I decided to pair my outfit with these ankle boots from Justfab. Cute right? Oh and if you're not comfortable using a bum bag, you can use a really cute belt too..I'd go for a chain belt though.

Get your hair looking cute AF, find a nice pair of earrings, perfume, cute purse, beautiful smile, and OWN IT, GIRL! At the end of the day, it's not what you're wearing that matters, it's how you wear it ;)

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