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Being an Influencer is Not A Real Job

   Let's address the issue of 'influencer-ship'. There's been some murmuring from certain people about how tagging yourself an influencer as a job role is bollocks- some agree and some don't. I'm one of those that don't and not only because I am one. In this write-up, I'll be talking about why you shouldn't be ashamed to call yourself an influencer and why it is an actual job title.

  First of all, the 9-5 life isn't for everybody and what exactly do we consider a real job? One that's paying the bills and taking you to amazing heights and bringing wonderful opportunities or one where you have to get up in the morning and be miserable for 9-12 hours? It doesn't matter what we call it. The point of working is to make money and be successful as long as it is legitimate. Right? Even people who don't have an active job or anything going on their lives wanna define what a real job is to another person who is making progress. Let's hold on a minute and understand some things first. 
 There's been a lot of misconceptions about what an influencer does. Simply put, a Social Media Influencer is a social media user who has established credibility in a specific industry. They have access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach. Now, a lot of people think that the job of a social media influencer is to hold a product, pout, and take a selfie (maybe some 'promotional models' do that) but actual influencers don't do that. I'll also have you know that with many campaigns influencers do, they actually buy the products with their money. 
After an influencer receives a campaign, they're given tasks, with deadlines; they're required to do the job of a product tester, researcher, model and even ad agent at the same time. If you don't know, a lot of thought process and planning is put into content creation. Do you now know what the crazy part is? Even after doing all that hard work, there is a possibility that your work would not be approved or you'd be asked to create a new content under very short notice. Now don't get me started on the competition you have to face with people with higher following and engagement rate than you (even the ones faking the numbers), oh did I mention how you have to wait 30 days or even two months before you get paid? With all the bills piling up! 

Not just fashion, beauty or travel bloggers fall under the 'influencer' category. A lot of other social media users like the tech-savvy, insta-comedians, even artists are under this same umbrella. Also, let's talk about the social media world and how it's grown so much in the past few years. When I started blogging in 2013 (fashionaurore days =D), platforms like youtube were still budding; although quite popular, there were just a handful of YouTubers unlike there are today. Even Instagram wasn't really a thing. It was just a platform for sharing photos but with time, it started to attract more users. People who were blogging and Youtube-ing at that time were doing it because they loved it and had a great passion for their hobby- Yes, I said hobby because that was mainly what it was. Unknowingly to most of us, we were all building our brands because there would soon be a whole new world of career opportunities.

Some people make this statement- 'what if Instagram closes down tomorrow?'. As much as I slightly get the irrelevant point, I think that it's a ridiculous thing for someone to hope or wish that another person's source of income should go off because they do not understand what they do. I don't wish for Instagram to close down because as well as it serves as a source of income for me and so many other people out there, it's also been a very reliable and effective platform for a lot of talents and business owners to be discovered. It's an added benefit for many brands/businesses/talents that are not rich enough for TV adverts to put themselves out there to a large audience with just the click of a button.
Let's see these platforms- Instagram, facebook, youtube, twitter, etc as a banking organisation that has provided employment for a lot of people from the highest ranks to the lowest. Would we look at the people working in the bank and ask them what if the bank closes down? Look at the job you're currently doing, have you ever asked yourself what if the company runs down? Course not.

There's no denying that there a number of influencers out there who are faking it and just care about the money. Not about what they're putting out there or what is beneficial to their audience. However, there are many genuine ones too who are real and authentic and have been working very hard for years to get to where they are today. My mother and some friends and family didn't get it at first too but when they saw the real BTS of this oh so glamorous lifestyle, they had to agree that it's not very easy. And hey if it's paying the bills, I don't see why I can't call it a job.
However, with all this being said, I'm a believer in having a side hustle no matter what career path you're on. Have something else to fall back on in case one doesn't work out. Also, if you know that you're not firmly strong enough and confident enough to say you wanna face this head-on, please don't quit your day job yet. In addition, let's be honest and genuine...yes the money sounds tempting but is it really you? Would you use the product? Is your audience authentic? Are you putting the message out to real people or just bots?

  And to all the lovely people that genuinely root for us and continue to support us, we love you all so very much! Also, if you're wondering how you can support our brand, please turn on post notifications, interact with our posts, genuine feedbacks are very much appreciated & PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THE ADs! We need to eat y'all!

 What are your thoughts & opinions? Do you think that being an influencer is not a 'real job' and the 9-5 life is for everybody? Let's hear it in the comment box. 


  1. I love reading about this topic and you articulate yourself so well !! I regard it as a real job provided the influencer treats it in that way xx

    1. Thanks a lot Kaz & you’re right. The way you treat it determines what it is to you👌🏾

  2. Well written Abbie. I’m not an influencer myself but I have friends who are & I can honestly say that I don’t have the type of patience and energy you guys put into it.

  3. Well written Abbie babes. I try my best to support my influencer babes and it's a source of income and well done to y'all it's hard. I'm clonbincup the ladder and it can be so disheartening how hard but people like u motivate us. So keep grinding babes. God's got u Hun 😘



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