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How To Properly De-clutter Your Wardrobe

 It's a new year (and on that note, might I say 'Happy new year' guys!) Hope you're having a fab year so far and are working on your new goals and resolutions?
As I was saying, it's a new year, spring is creeping upon us, and that means many of us will be clearing out and de-cluttering. For so many of us, we have lots of stuff; shoes, clothes, bags, makeup products, etc. In today's post, I'll be taking you through different ways by which we can properly get rid of our unwanted items.
  First of all, it is important to know that it's not a good idea to through these stuff in the bins as there are already so many landfill sites here in the UK alone. We have to care for our environment whilst trying to get more space. What are the best routes to get rid of your unwanted clothing, toys, etc.?

  • Recycle. There are so many recycling companies that recycle clothing items. Websites like Triad and Recyclenow offer collection and donation banks services for you to take clothes or textiles such as curtains, duvets, and blankets that are unwanted or past their best. Rather than chucking old pieces of clothes in the bin, it's best to have them recycled. There are also companies that would pay you by the kilo to recycle them.                                                          
  • Donate. If you have old but usable clothing, bags, shoes, etc, you can take them to your local charity shops or take them to the local collection banks. You can also walk into the charity shops to request collection bags. There are also homeless shelters that they can be donated to. Just google for ones local to you. 
  • In-store garment collection. To encourage reuse and reduce landfill, some clothing stores offer clothing recycling service in exchange for in-store discounts. Stores like H&M and Marks & Spencer are among the stores that do this. MAC cosmetics will give you a free lipstick of your choice if you return five empty makeup containers and &otherstories gives 10% off when you return empty beauty containers. Isn't that a great way to earn/save?
  • Re-sell. Another way to dispose of unused items is to resell them. You can turn your unused used stuff into money by doing a boot sale at home or by using online selling platforms like Depop and Shpock. All you need to do is post up the item you wanna sell and wait for a reliable buyer to buy them off you. SIMPLE. 
  Some of these might seem like a lot but it's totally worth it to earn extra cash, help someone and even contribute to saving the environment whilst you make some space in your home too. It's an absolute win-win in my opinion.
  Hope you've enjoyed reading this and found a thing or two useful. Please come back for weekly updates and remember to subscribe to my newsletter so you don't miss out on anything fun and useful.

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