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I've Been A Terrible Blogger...

I don't know what I was thinking. How could I have abandoned my baby!
It's so crazy how we get relaxed when something that seems much easier comes along in our lives.

  I started blogging in May 2013...I've always been very passionate about writing, styling, looking good, etc. I didn't realise that my calling was in fashion until my late teens. Yea I had some interest in sewing; I would sew tiny clothes on my dolls but I didn't pay so much attention to it, mainly because being raised in a typical Nigerian home meant that you have had to work hard to become a doctor, lawyer or a banker. I was surrounded by fashion and mom and my eldest sister are very stylish people who love to wear beautiful clothes and look gooood! I looked up to them so much. My mom was in the clothing business too.

What I'm trying to say is that my love for style and fashion has always been in me and that inspired me to start my own blog after reading so many posts from my favourite bloggers back then.
  When I started blogging, the niche wasn't as popular or as saturated as it is now. And BTW, my blog was called 'blvckfashfanatique' and then it changed to 'fashionaurore'. I was very active, it was quite a struggle when I started because I was broke, I didn't have any nice cameras, no one to take my pictures and no one understood it. I was often told that only jobless and vain people dress up and take pictures to post online. But I knew what I was doing because I used to tell myself 'this is a brand I'm building for myself'. I don't think I had a writer's block because every day was a fresh content and I had enough time on my hands to spend creating and writing.
   The same year, Instagram was created. I jumped on that bandwagon so fast! I was blogging as usual, getting better and moving up, Instagram was just there...I would post and chat every now and then. It was like a playground. Fast forward to a few years later, every man and their dog joined in, more content creators came out, brands started working with bloggers, Instagram became the latest big thing. Before you know it, bloggers started connecting their blogs to Instagram...just like Tumblr in those days. I started getting requests from one or two brands to write blog reviews for them, then came in insta post sponsorships, giftings, collabs, etc. With time, I was paying less attention to my blog and putting more efforts into Instagram! There's a lot of interesting stuff to do on insta, I'm getting more audience here, it's easier to interact with people here,...'Abbienaija' is gradually becoming a brand! I was still blogging though but I put in less effort than I was putting into my IG. This, coupled with the fact that I became a busy bee who wants to do everything at once, became lazy, several writer's blocks too. I've questioned myself multiple times, 'Bimbola why are you not posting on your blog?'. I couldn't give myself a reasonable answer because if I'm as passionate about blogging as I claim, then none of these should be an excuse.
    The truth is that I love what I do but calling myself a blogger without a fully updated blog is just a word on the tongue. I shouldn't abandon my brand. Truth be told, IG really helped me a lot. I'm earning a living through it and it's helped me build a lot over the last three years. With that being said, I strongly hope that I fulfil my own promise to myself and keep my brand running, plan my time wisely, and create more contents.

   Soooo ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to re-introduce my blog to you. 'Abbienaija' is my nickname and it represents my brand as a whole. It is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog that documents my personal style, fashion, reviews, tips & advice, etc. My sister brand is, a platform I created to help new/upcoming bloggers learn, share & create, and to connect bloggers & influencers all over. Please check it out.
  Also, to be in the know and stay updated on my latest posts, kindly drop your email in the mail subscriber pop-up, and if you have any questions or enquiries, send me an email on Please note that spam-likely emails will end up in my junk folder so I might not see them on time or replies may be late.

I really appreciate all of your support. Honestly...I couldn't have done it without you guys. If you've made it this far, you sir/ma'am, are the real MVP! Thanks a lot for taking time out to read this post...hope you come back for me and have a wonderful day x


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