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Organic Instagram Growth Strategy To Help Boost Your Account


  Instagram algorithm has made organic growth and engagement such a task! As a creator, it can be very discouraging when you spend hours on a content, only to be seen by few people who barely engage. That being, said, I'm not in support of manipulating your growth or engagement because not only does it takes away the authenticity of our account, it can also get your account flagged by instagram and you might get shadow-banned or blacklisted. 

   I made a video on my Youtube channel on what to do to get your account to reach a larger audience and how to go about it. Please bear in mind that this will not give you 1,000 followers in one week like a lot of posts or videos advertise. Let's be real...the only time you can get that amount of followers in one week is if by some miracle, your page blows up and one of your contents trends worldwide. The tips given in this video are thing that i've tried personally and have helped my account growth and engagement.

  I hope this video will provide the kind of information you need and you'll be able to learn a thing or two. Remember to subscribe to my channel and comment if you have any questions. I create both fun and informative videos on my YouTube channel. 

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